3 Tips to Pick the Right Balances & Scales

Cole-Parmer balances & scales

Precise weighing with laboratory balances & scales requires great accuracy and specific functionality that meets your daily needs. Consider these three tips when you choose a balance:

Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® EC Toploading Balances

1) Know the readability 

How precise of a measurement do you need to record? Choose a balance that offers an additional decimal point of readability so that you are not limiting yourself.

2) Look at capacity 

What type of measuring container will you be using? What material is to be measured? Add this weight into selection, as it will add to sample weight.

3) Consider features and options such as: 

Weighing platform: Make sure the size and shape is suitable for your application.

Computer interface: Nearly all analytical and precision balances include software. Does the interface (USB; RS-232) work with your equipment? Is the keypad and display designed for optimal use? For example, some display screens are extra large for easy viewing, perhaps from across a laboratory. If all else is equal, this might be a compelling feature.

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