Big Benefits of CORIO CD-200F refrigerated circulator

JULABO CORIO CD-200F refrigerated circulator

The new JULABO refrigerated circulator CORIO CD-200F comes with a cooling capacity of 0.22 kW at 20°C, the pump capacity is 15 l/min and 0.35 bar.JULABO CORIO CD-200F refrigerated circulator

The CORIO CD-200F operates very quietly featuring a bright display with strong illumination, viewed easily even from a distance. Refrigerated circulators from the CORIO™ line are available with different sized bath tanks. Furthermore the CORIO™ line includes immersion and heating circulators with open or closed baths for internal or internal/external applications.

Refrigerated / Heating Circulators of the new CORIO™ series distinguish themselves with a great price-to-performance ratio. They are ideal for all standard tasks and routine work in laboratories and industry

  • Models for internal and external applications
  • Bright, white, easy to read display
  • Very quiet
  • Easy pump change-over (internal and external circulation)
  • External pump connections (M16x1)
  • USB connection
  • Space-saving cooling coil design yields more usable space in the bath tank
  • Bath lid and drain tap included
  • Removable ventilation grid
  • Refrigeration unit without side vents
  • Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1

The new circulators of the CORIO™ series replace the successful Economy series models and give users improved performance specifications, expanded functionality, and offer great value for money. JULABO circulators are used worldwide for applications in research, science, laboratories, pilot plants, and the process industry.

All CORIO™ CD models are designed for standard internal and external applications. New features on these models include a USB connection and the ability to continually toggle the pump between internal and external circulation directly under the display.

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