PAC’s PetroSpec QuickSpec™ delivers simple, fast and accurate analysis of gasoline-grade ethanol in the field.



The portable QuickSpec™ analyzer is a low-cost solution that quickly determines water and denaturant content of ethanol anywhere throughout the ethanol distribution system. The rugged, user-friendly QuickSpec™ lets producers know the precise purity of the denatured ethanol being delivered to the terminal, the refinery, or blending tank.



Analysis is performed using a new near-infrared red spectral method, and is accurate down to tenths of volume percent. The QuickSpec™ can determine ethanol purity in the range of 70 – 100%, water at 0 – 5% and denaturant from 0 – 30%. To use the QuickSpec™, a technician simply fills a sample cell with a fuel/ethanol mixture, places the sample cell in the instrument, and receives an answer in seconds. The instrument sets a baseline and adjusts electronics through automatic calibration. It delivers optimum results after each analysis, without the use of reagents.



The Quickspec™ is very portable (essentially the same size as a pair of field glasses). An optional battery pack allows instant mobility.



For further information on PAC’s PetroSpec QuickSpec™ please contact customer service on 1800 251 799 or email