Are Multiposition Stirring Hot Plates Time Savers?

Cole-Parmer Nine-Position Stirring Hot Plate 51450-78

Whenever you can catch up on lost time it makes your job more efficient. That’s why Multiposition Stirring Hot Plates are a worthwhile investment for your lab. You can stir or heat multiple samples at the same time—no need to wait until one is finished to start the next one.Cole-Parmer® Nine-Position Stirring Hot Plate

Because each stirring position is individually controlled, you also can perform different mixing applications at the same time. These hot plates can heat only, stir only, or heat and stir at the same time to maximise versatility.

From a safety angle, the controls are designed so that you don’t have to touch the hot plate to make adjustments.

Some multiposition units are programmable to work unattended while you are busy elsewhere in the lab. They allow you to set the temperature, stirring speed, time, and heating ramp rate.

Similar to the multiposition stirring hot plate is the multiposition extraction heater/stirrers which allow liquids with different boiling points to be heated or stirred next to each other.


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