Avoid splattering & laboratory glassware shattering

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GlasswareSplattering and shattering are hazards when working with liquids and glassware systems in your laboratory. To maintain safety please heat all your liquids slowly. Rapid heating may cause bumping, which can make your fluids splatter.

Cool your glassware slowly to prevent any breakages. Placing hot glassware onto a cold or wet surface or cold glassware on hot surfaces may cause glass to shatter.

 John Morris Scientific is your valued supplier of glass beakers. Our Cole-Parmer product ranges brand leaders Pyrex and Kimax.

All of our glass beakers are Griffin-style and come complete with graduations and marking spot. Glass beakers capacities range from 10mL to 4000mL. All beakers meet ASTM-960 standards.

Cole-Parmer glass beaker offerings include:

View our selection of lab glassware, including beakers, bottles, crucibles, cylinders, flasks, vials, and more.

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