Best Three Types of pH Meter

Oakton Waterproof pH Testers from John Morris Scientific

To accurately test for pH, you’ll require a measurement system including a pH meter, an electrode sensitive to H+ ions, and calibration buffer solutions. The effect H+ ions have on the electrode can be measured and converted to a pH value by your meter.Oakton® Waterproof pH 150 Portable Meter with SJ All-in-One Electrode

Meters are available in three formats:

  • Pocket-sized testers: economical and compact for routine, non-critical measurements
  • Handheld portable meters: offer data logging and stability features and provide reportable pH accuracy for the field, manufacturing floor, and laboratories
  • Benchtop meters: provide the best accuracy, more robust data management, and security options for stationary laboratory applications

Most pH measurement systems feature standard electrodes with glass bulbs made from pH-sensitive glass. For specialised applications, a variety of configurations is available.

pH meters require calibration standards to ensure their readings are traceable to a standard. Select a pH 7 buffer plus at least one other pH value near your expected measurement range. Using solutions of known pH value enables you to adjust the system for accurate measurements. Perform calibration before each reading or each set of readings.


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