Why Blend Samples with Laboratory Shakers?

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Laboratory shakers will blend samples within test tubes and flasks for uniform mixing. Shakers are used for extraction, cell culture, mixing reagents, diagnostic testing and many other lab activities.

Maximise your productivity by getting a precise shaking motion. Essentially, shakers feature five types of motions these include:

  • Rotating for delicate samples
  • Rocking for gentle mixing with a see-saw motion
  • Dual-action for a side-to-side motion with simple agitation
  • Orbital, the most common, offers a smooth continuous motion
  • Wrist action simulates the effect of hand mixing

To get the performance you need, determine the weight you’ll be placing on the shaker, the accuracy, speed, and temperature range needed, and any other variables that might influence your lab operation. If you’ve limited room, this should be a consideration. Of course, budgets may dictate whether a more sophisticated model’s an option. Digital incubating/refrigerating shakers or heated incubating shakers have features that ensure excellent temperature uniformity but also require a larger investment.

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