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Larson Davis Buidling Better Acoustics from John Morris Industrial

Larson Davis 831 from John Morris IndustrialBuilding Acoustics

Measurements to evaluate and improve Building Acoustics are typically made to analyse and design noise control from room to room, or from outside to inside.   Noise sources such as music systems, televisions, appliances, traffic, aircraft, and manufacturing are all around us.Larson Davis 824 from John Morris Industrial  The field of Building Acoustics evaluates and designs the materials and methods to insulate and isolate us all from these sound sources when we are at work, rest, or enjoying leisure time.  The resulting data is useful for evaluating compliance with building codes and for proposing countermeasures for areas of concern.  These measurements often involve creating and measuring an artificial sound source, and then measuring the resulting noise in receiver locations.

John Morris Industrial offers Larson Davis sound source equipment, the sound level meters to record the source and receiver locations, and the software to calculate and report important metrics.

Room AcousticsLarson Davis Sound Sources from John Morris Industrial

In the field of Room Acoustics measurements are made to help determine how sound is created, propagated, absorbed, and heard by and audience in and enclosed space.  This enclosed space can be houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, workshops, factory halls, lecture rooms, auditoriums, concert halls, transportation terminals, etc.  Generally these measurements  are made to provide information about how the quality of the sound as perceived by the audience.Larson Davis DNA Software from John Morris Industrial

Reverberation Time is the single most important parameter used to describe Room Acoustics.  However, parameters describing music quality, speech intelligibility, and frequency based performance are also important


  • Model 831 Sound Level Meter
  • Model 824 Sound Level Meter
  • Omni Direction Speakers
  • Directional Sound Sources
  • Tapping Machine
  • Impulsive Sound Source
  • DNA data analysis

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Room Acoustics
  • Reverberation Time Measurement
  • Acoustic Material Testing
  • Sound Insulation
  • Classroom Acoustics
  • Sound Absorption
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Transmission Loss

Model 831 | System 824 | Sound Sources | DNA Software


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