Industrial Division

John Morris Group’s Industrial Division is proud to represent leading brands such as the MTS SystemsPCB PiezotronicsIMI SensorsThe Modal ShopLarson DavisDEWETRONDTSSentek DynamicsCrystal InstrumentsViatran and Scanivalve to the Industrial and Test Markets throughout Australia and New Zealand.

John Morris Group provide solutions for the measurement of acceleration, force, load, pressure, impact, shock, strain, torque, acoustics and vibration along with a quality range of data acquisition systems and data analysis software packages.

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Avoid Injuries with Hand Arm Vibration Monitoring

People engage with all sorts of machines every day; meaning that contact with vibration is inevitable. Regrettably, continued exposure to mechanical vibration may result in serious injury. How the human body is effected, depends upon more


New Inertial Shaker for Automotive Industry

The Modal Shop’s shaker family has a new addition, the 2002E Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker. The light and compact 2002E is capable of producing up to 2 lbf (9 N) peak sine force over a wide 20 Hz to 3000 Hz frequency range. The more


Larson Davis Model 831 Handheld Sound Level Meter

John Morris Industrial supplies the Larson Davis Model 831, a Class 1 handheld sound level meter with exceedance-based logging analysis (ELA) for community noise assessment. Model 831 features a small, lightweight ergonomic design; real-time 1/1 more


Human Vibration Meter HVM200, Larson Davis

Sydney, Australia. December 15, 2015 – John Morris Industrial (a Division of the John Morris Group) is pleased to announce the release of the new HVM200 Human Vibration Meter from Larson Davis (a Division of PCB Piezotronics Inc. The HVM200 more


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