Centrifugal Pumps, six best applications

Cole Parmer Mag Drive PP Centrifugal Pump Head 32 GPM 11 3 ft from John Morris Scientific

Centrifugal pumps offer excellent pulseless flow. These electric-driven pumps can handle continuous fluid transfer at high flow rates and low pressure. The simple design of the pump means installation is quick, maintenance is low, and repairs are easy. These pumps are ideal for your general transfer applications.

Cole-Parmer® Self-Priming 316 SS Centrifugal PumpWith these advantages, these pumps are a great choice for:

  1. Cooling tower transfer
  2. Feed pumps for spraying systems
  3. Filtration of corrosives, caustics, dyes, soaps, brines, and other cleaning fluids
  4. Filling/draining
  5. Line cleaning/irrigation
  6. Pilot plant processing

What Types are Available?

  • Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps operate with a magnetic field that couples the impeller and motor together. There are no shafts or seals connecting the impeller and motor. Therefore friction loss, wear, contamination and leakage caused by these shafts and seals are eliminated.
  • Mechanically coupled centrifugal pumps utilize a rotating impeller driven by a shaft with a seal that is connected to the motor. They are often less expensive than magnetic drive and can achieve high flow-rates and pressures.

Centrifugal pumps are also available in a range of materials. Choose from magnetic drive centrifugal pumps or mechanically coupled centrifugal pumps.
Keep in mind centrifugal pumps should never be run dry.

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