Cole-Parmer expands precision measurement instruments

Digi-Sense™ instruments available from John Morris Scientific

Digi-Sense™ instruments from John Morris Scientific

Cole-Parmer has expanded the Digi-Sense range of precision measurement instruments. Digi-Sense, known for accuracy, durability, and reliability, has introduced several new instruments for convenient temperature measurement, equipment testing, and inspection. The ‘Be Sense-ible’ line from Cole-Parmer contains a full range of environmental and temperature instruments that includes thermocouple meters, thermistor meters, RTD meters and infrared thermometers—many with NIST – traceable calibration already completed and ready to use upon arrival.

The new items will include:

  • Digi-Sense precalibrated humidity and temperature indicator monitors humidity levels and displays temperature and time as well. The indicator contains a unique environmental comfort indicator.Digi-Sense™ instruments
  • Digi-Sense precalibrated pocket thermometers in large head, pen style, and folding probe types take fast and accurate temperature measurements anywhere.
  • Digi-Sense precalibrated pocket-size moisture meter measures the moisture level in wood products and hardened materials with one-handed operation.
  • Digi-Sense precalibrated digital contact/photo tachometer ensures equipment is in optimal operating condition, eliminating costly repairs.
  • Digi-Sense Borescope and Video Borescope are ideal for inspecting ductwork, wiring, piping, vehicles, and other hard-to-reach areas.

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