Cole-Parmer Gear Pumps seen at Harvard University

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Using Cole-Parmer® gear pumps to develop their innovation, scientists at Harvard University have created a new flow battery that potentially can store renewable energy throughout the day. The technology, including the Cole-Parmer gear pumps, is prominently displayed in an article in Gizmag. The new flow battery is crafted of Earth-abundant materials (such as carbon and iron), which are safer and more environmentally friendly.

Cole-Parmer® Gear Pump

According to author Dario Borghino, flow batteries can be extremely flexible, staying idle without losing their charge and remaining unaffected by temperature variations. The improved design of these flow batteries could have multiple applications.

The Harvard team continues to work on enhancing their battery to increase its cycle life and reduce associated costs. It is expected the batteries could be available for sale in retail within about three years. Read more about this innovative battery.

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