Crystal Instruments Spider-20 has launched

Compact, Portable Dynamic Signal Analyser joins “Spider” range

Crystal Instruments Spider-20_from John Morris Industrial

The Spider series of dynamic signal analysers by Crystal Instruments welcomes its newest product, the Spider-20, which at 12.7 x 10 x 2.5 cm and 0.5 kg is the most compact instrument in the product line from John Morris Industrial. This compact, dynamic signal analyser offers wireless analysis anywhere!

“In this age of technology where the push is always for smaller and more powerful, we are happy to cater to the market’s demands,” said Justin Tang, Crystal Instruments VP of Engineering and chief hardware designer of the product.Crystal Instruments Spider-20_John Morris Industrial

The four input channel Spider-20, with one output and one tachometer channel, boasts built-in wireless connectivity, 6 hours of battery power, and iPad compatibility with Crystal’s EDM app for iOS, which is included in each sale. The full dynamic signal analysis function of EDM, the PC Windows version, is available for purchase. The hand-held Spider-20 is self-contained so it can function independently of a PC, and the battery is interchangeable to accommodate limitless hours of field work.

Like other instruments in the Spider series, the Spider-20 has applications in the fields of machinery diagnosis, acoustic studies, vehicle dynamics, remote monitoring, dynamic signal analysis and many more. The Spider-20 can continuously record time waveforms on all four input channels and record this data to its internal 4GB flash memory.Crystal Instruments Spider-20 from John Morris Industrial

We strive to craft sharper tools for better measurement,” said James Zhuge, Crystal Instruments President and CEO. “It’s exciting to bring new solutions to old problems and Crystal Instruments will always seek opportunities to be an innovator in our industry with new products like the Spider-20.”

Find full product details here Spider-20 wireless dynamic signal analyzer and data recorder

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