CTI’s New Vibration Standard met with IMI Electronic Vibration Switches

IMI Sensors Electronic Vibration Switches from John Morris Industrial

IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, offers a variety of standard and USB-programmable electronic vibration switches that meet the Cooling Technology Institute‘s recently-updated Standard for Vibration Limits in Water Cooling Towers (Std-163).

Per the standard, CTI now stipulates that broadband vibration must be measured in velocity (in/s peak or rms), an ability that no standard mechanical vibration switch can offer.  IMI Sensors’ standard (685B-Series) and USB-programmable (686-Series) electronic vibration switches are able to be programmed with pinpoint accuracy.IMI Sensors Electronic Vibration Switches CTI

Electronic vibration switches are a great way to get your plant started towards a predicitive maintenance program and provide protection for your most critical equipment.

Additional information about IMI’s complete line of standard and USB-programmable electronic vibration sensors can be found online at:


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About IMI Sensors

IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, manufactures industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, such as accelerometers, vibration transmitters and switches.  These sensors feature rugged stainless steel housings and survive in harsh environments like paper and steel mills, mines, gas turbines, water treatment facilities and power plants.  Integrating with portable analysers and PLC’s, IMI instrumentation helps maintenance departments reduce downtime and protect critical machinery.  John Morris Industrial proudly stands behind IMI’s productss.


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