Does my Peristaltic Pump Head make a Difference?

Masterflex pump heads

Absolutely. Accuracy, repeatability and efficiency can all be enhanced by pump head type used with your peristaltic pump. Some pump types make loading or replacing tubing so easy that it only takes seconds to switch over.
Pump head features you should consider:Masterflex Pump HeadsAdjustable Occlusion

  • Reducing the occlusion increases tubing life (up to five times); reduces discharge pressure; decreases pulsation; reduces cell disruption; and increases flow slightly.
  • Increasing the occlusion decreases tubing life; increases discharge pressure; increases pulsation and decreases flow slightly.
  • One common technique for prolonging tubing life is to prime the pump with nominal or high occlusion, and then reduce the occlusion slightly.

 Multiple Roller Design

  • Ensures even flow with minimal pulsation
  • Ball-bearing rollers for long service life
  • Available in cold-rolled steel (CRS) or stainless steel (SS) rotor assemblies 

Rugged Plastic Housings

  • Molded from engineered plastics to tight specifications
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Clear polycarbonate (PC) allows for viewing of pump head operation
  • Polysulfone (PSF), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), and polypropylene (PP) offer additional corrosion resistance


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