Eliminate downtime with CoCo-80 Dynamic Signal Analyser

The Handheld Data Recorder

Crystal Instrument Corporation is widely known for this battery-powered data acquisition system and dynamic signal analyser that matches the performance and functions of high-end systems while being a handheld unit.

The CoCo-80 is an easy-to-operate, impressive handheld instrument that’s perfect for industry-wide uses across automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics and military where demands require easy, quick and accurate data recording and real-time processing in the field.  The user interface of CoCo-80 is specifically designed for easy and simple operation while it maintains the capability of providing a wide variety of real-time signal analysis functions.

CoCo-80 is equipped with 4 or 8 input channels and can accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory can record 8 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 102.4 kHz. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronised with the input sampling rate.

The handheld system is equipped with two USB ports, 100 Base-T Ethernet, SD-card interface, audio input/output, 5.7 inch colour LCD display and a keypad. The user can connect the CoCo-80 to a PC, download files and upgrade the software through several means of network connections.CoCo-80 Dynamic Signal Analyzer by Crystal Instruments

24-bit A/D converter, DSP technology and a unique hardware design offers dozens of data processing functions and more than 130 dB dynamic range in measurement, 10 times higher than competitive products. This allows you to capture signals as high as 10 volts and as low as a few micro-volts in the same test without changing any settings. The CoCo-80 software stores and organises the data in the popular ASAM-ODS standard. This data standard provides ultimate flexibility and version compatibility. ASAM-ODS data standard is widely supported by the automotive industry and now is expanding to aerospace and other areas. Data may also be exchanged with other data formats such as UFF, BUFF and user-defined ASCII format.

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About Crystal Instruments Corporation

Crystal Instruments (CI) is an engineering firm focused on data acquisition, dynamic signal analysis and measurement data management supplied by John Morris Scientific. With over ten years’ experience creating embedded and DSP systems for structural testing, product evaluation, algorithm implementation and application software programming, CI’s products and technology are in use today by many of the world’s leading companies, industrial providers and government agencies.

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