Explosion Protected Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pumps

Vacuubrand Chemistry diaphragm pump MV 10C EX

Vacuubrand’s ATEX series chemistry diaphragm pumps are ideal for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Many solvents are flammable and have a high vapour pressure; therefore they can form an explosive mixture when mixed with air. Due to their high chemical resistance, oil-free operation, and hermitical separation of pumping chamber and motor, Vacuubrand’s chemistry diaphragm pumps offer excellent features for avoiding ignition sources.

Vacuubrand’s ATEX series chemistry diaphragm pumps have precisely guided planar diaphragms for unmatched diaphragm life and performance. Typical applications include vacuum generation in large scale rotary evaporators, chemical reactors, cabinet dryers with solvents as well as all applications with large quantities of flammable solvents.

Vacuubrand ATEX pumps feature:

  • Flame proof motor with integrated, self locking overload and excess temperature protection for direct 230 V / 50 Hz single phase power supply.
  • Diaphragm pump heads are made of antistatic, reinforced fluorinated plastic compounds with metallic core.
  • Separate inert gas connection included
  • Overpressure safety relief at Outlet internally and at outlet
  • Safety dual diaphragm technology with inert gas purge option


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