Fat Analysis with the ANKOM XT15 Extractor

ANKOM XT15 Extractor from John Morris Scientific

The ANKOM XT15 Extractor offers the official method for effective and low-cost solvent extractions (AOCS Am 5-04). The ANKOM XT15 Extractor has seen extensive testing across a large scope of various samples. This instrument is able to extract fats from 0% to 100% using this method.

An XT15 is an economical high-volume solution. Batch processing permits the extraction of up to 15 samples at one time plus it’s capable of 150+ samples each day while recovering solvent at a rate of 97%. Accelerate your extraction kinetics with 90°C temperatures – cutting the extraction method to within 40 minutes.

The XT15 Extractor provides a totally automatic system capable of approximately 150 extractions per day. Filter bags make for easy handling and facilitate batch processing. The XT15’s Automatic Solvent Recycling and Activated Charcoal Filter will reduce costs  and removes any need for a fume hood.

ANKOM XT15 Extractor – OverviewANKOM XT15 Extractor from John Morris Scientific

  • Official Crude Fat Procedure – AOCS Am 5-04
  • Completely Automatic Operation
  • 150 Extractions each Day
  • Microprocessor Control via LCD Display
  • Solvent Recovery at a rate of ~97%
  • Solvent Usage per Sample ~ 0.5 ml
  • Fume-hood Not Required

Features & Benefits

Approved Procedure – AOCS Am 5-04
– Assures accuracy of results
– Can be used to calibrate NIR and other
secondary methods
Automatic Operation – Microprocessor Controlled with LCD display
– Limited technician involvement
– No advanced training required
Filter Bag Technology – Enables batch processing, up to 15 samples/time
– 150 samples/day
– Increases precision and accuracy
Automatic Solvent Recycling – No vent hood required
– Saves money
– Virtually eliminates solvent handling
90°C Extraction Temperature – Accelerates extraction kinetics
– Greatly reduces extraction time
– Increases throughput
Small Footprint – Saves valuable lab space

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