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FTR Cole-Parmer Portable NIR Food Analyzer Kit 59824-00

Working in food production, we need to ensure the best volume of protein, oil, and moisture in dairy and wheat products (and secure your profitability). Test and check this with a food analyser. These analysers or meters help you with maintain food quality by determining the content of your products, usually in less than a minute.Cole-Parmer Portable NIR Food Analyzer Kit 59824-00

The meter shown analyses protein and oil both on an “as-is” basis and a constant moisture (CM) basis. Because it’s portable, you can take it with you on the plant floor or in the field.

How does the food analyser work? Simply pour your sample of about 100 grams into the holder and place the holder into the meter to scan. The results are quickly revealed and you can download the data to your 486 computer or better with the included calibration software and RS-232 cable (USB).


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