Forensics in the Lab. Four indespensible items

Labconco CApture Portable Fuming Station, 230 V Cole-Parmer from John Morris Scientific

When collecting evidence from a crime scene, investigators and forensic scientists must have the equipment and supplies to gather evidence without contaminating it. While the list of essentials for this process can be long, here are four:

Labconco CApture Portable Fuming Station, 230 V Cole-Parmer

Labconco CApture Portable Fuming Station, 230 V

CApture Portable Fuming Station quickly fixes latent fingerprints at the crime scene. Save valuable lab time by bringing this portable fuming system directly to the scene. The system combines all the components needed for fingerprint fuming in one compact, easy-to-transport unit.

StableTemp® SS Lab Freezer w/Alarm and Recorder provides the reliability and security essential to protect sensitive lab samples. Digital temperature controller with intuitive interface, fluorine-free high-density insulation, and automatic defrost.

Cole-Parmer® Sterile Tissue Culture Dish is crafted of polystyrene (PS) for culturing, cloning, or scale-up. Surfaces are treated with an exclusive vacuum-gas plasma machine that causes surfaces to become negatively charged and hydrophilic, allowing for consistent and superior cell attachment and growth.

Binder C-Series Air-Jacketed CO2 Incubator creates an optimal simulation of the natural cellular growth environment. The incubator features intelligent electronic control of temperature and infrared CO2 measurement resulting in optimal stability and fast recovery times after door openings. Humidification by water pan provides stable humidity control up to 95% RH with built-in condensation control.


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