Gas Diffusers Increase Oxygen Content in Wastewater

Belebungsbecken_-_aeration_tank_(12359229313) "Belebungsbecken - aeration tank (12359229313)" by SuSanA Secretariat - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Using a diffuser aeration system increases oxygen content in wastewater within treatment facilities. Both oxygenation and mixing are necessary for biological treatment processes—creating an environment where microorganisms biologically decompose soluble organic contaminants.

Diffuser Aeration System

Diffusers are also used to diffuse digester gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulphur dioxide. They work to introduce ozone to oxidise and destroy bacterial and organic chemical contaminants and for carbon dioxide injection for recarbonization and pH adjustment.

Models such as the Ceramic Dome Fine Bubble Diffuser have been described by one user as “best for pilot plant aeration and pilot plant ozonation— and the efficiency is high.” Another stated “it is best to use in the field and is accurate and well-calibrated. Easy to use.”


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