Gilson PIPETMAN Comfort Handle

Boost Ergonomics & Customise any PIPETMAN® Classic, Neo, or G Pipette

Gilson pipetman comfort handle FTR

Designed to help reduce pipetting fatigue, the new, customisable Gilson PIPETMAN® Comfort Handle provides increasePIPETMAN Comfort Handle_sided comfort to those currently using PIPETMAN Classic, Neo®, and G pipettes. With a large, more comfortable finger hook and ergonomically designed handle to fit better in your hand, Comfort Handle offers a better grip to support your daily pipetting activity and aids in reducing the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Add a Personal Touch to Your PIPETMAN!

For quick anGilson PIPETMAN Comfort Handle_labeld easy identification of your pipettes in the lab, a dedicated identification zone has been integrated into the finger hook of the Comfort Handle that allows you to add your name, maintenance information (such as calibration dates), or imagery to your pipettes, using the . Included with you Comfort Handle are glossy, pre-Label Maker toolcut adhesive labels that will work with any laser printer.
Using the online , upload your own personal images, or Label Maker tool choose from any of our customisation options for text, imagery, and background color choices to create your personalised Comfort Handle labels. Once you’ve designed the label you want, you can then save your creative file and print out your labels using a laser printer.

Easy to Use!

Attaching and removing the PIPETMAN® Comfort Handle accessory is very simple and requires no tools to secure to your pipette. It can also be easily cleaned, as the labels are easy to remove and the accessory is autoclavable at 121°C (252°F), 1 atm for 20 minutes.

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