*NEW* Gilson PIPETMAN M Electronic Pipettes, brand new range

Gilson Pipetman M multichannel electronic pipettes

Brand New Line of PIPETMAN M Electronic Pipettes with Industry Leading Guaranteed Performance in Repetitive Pipetting has Launched

Gilson has redesigned and expanded its range of PIPETMAN® M easy-to-use line of single and multichannel electronic pipettes. These pipettes now include guaranteed performance in repetitive pipetting mode and a programmable custom mode, that enhances results reliability.Gilson Pipetman M multichannel electronic pipettes

For sensitive biological assays like qPCR, repeatable results depend on accurate, precise pipetting, but until now most pipettes only promise performance in one standard pipetting mode both for standard and repetitive tasks. Gilson now guarantees accuracy and precision of the PIPETMAN® M also in repetitive pipetting mode and ensures reliable performance from the first to the last aliquot. In the absence of ISO recommendations for repetitive pipetting mode for air-displacement pipettes, Gilson volumetric specifications for the repetitive mode are within ISO 8655-2 recommendations for standard pipetting.

Five pipetting mode options enables researchers to perform a large number of applications: pipet (standard), repetitive, mix, reverse and custom (personalised) with a fast access menu to all the modes plus the intuitive navigation.

The new personalised pipetting mode lets researchers create their own multi-step pipetting protocols, using the simple PIPETMAN® M Software interface, which can be executed automatically so there is no need for repetitive button pushing that could cause stress injuries.  The PIPETMAN® M Software can also be used to easily share protocols for improved security, reproducibility, and keep information traceability.

The product update has also extended the number of models to give one of the most extensive volume ranges in the market.  This includes eight single-channel (from 0.5 μL to 10 mL) and 12 multichannel (from 0.5 μL to 1200 μL) options to allow for exact volume selection and optimised pipetting performance.

For more information on the PIPETMAN M family of electronic pipettes, please visit: Pipetman-M-Multichannel

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About Gilson
Gilson is a global manufacturer and inventor of liquid handling solutions for the life sciences industry supplied by John Morris Scientific. By working closely with the scientific community, Gilson has created a complete portfolio of easy-to-use automated pipetting and chromatography instruments that enable scientists to produce verifiable data for numerous applications. With worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson helps the scientific community by simplifying lab life and accelerating a researcher’s pace to discovery, reproducibility and traceability.

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