Gilson Reliable Pipetting

Gilson Pipetman Classic

The Gilson Pipetman Classic (also known as Pipetman P) is a fully adjustable air-displacement pipette with the selected volume shown on a digital indicator (Volumeter).

There are eight models in the Pipetman Classic series which cover a full range of volumes from 0.2ul to 10ml for most demanding tasks including clinical, research and control laboratories.

No lubrication is required and any parts that may come in contact with liquid are easy to clean or replace. The tip-holder and tip-ejector are fully autoclavable to avoid cross-contamination. A plastic connector makes removal and replacement of the tip-ejector easy.

All of the parts used in the manufacturing of the Pipetman are carefully checked, the pistons are carefully inspected, with a zero-defect tolerance. Each Pipetman has a unique Identification Number engraved into it making easy traceability.

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