Cellular Respiration Measurement with Hansatech

Versatile Solution to Control Oxygen Uptake or Evolution Measurements

Hansatech Oxygraph Plus System with Julabo ED-5 Circulating Water Bath_2

Ideal for studies of mitochondria/cellular respiration or
isolated chloroplast suspensions in photosynthesis (with up to 100% oxygen concentration)

Oxygraph Plus System

Hansatech Oxygraph Plus System Clear Acrylic Chamber Reaction Vessel

Clear Acrylic Chamber

Reaction Vessel
Sample Volume: 0.2 to 2.5 mL


Hansatech Oxygraph Plus System Clark type polargraphic Oxygen eletrode discClark Type Polargraphic Oxygen Electrode Disc
Response Time: <5 seconds
O2 Consumption: <0.015 μmol/hr-1


Hansatech Oxygraph Plus System Magnetic Stirrer Control UnitMagnetic Stirrer
Software controlled from 150 to 900 rpm (in % steps)

Control Unit
Range: O2 (0 to 100%); pH (0 to 14 pH); Aux: (0 to 4.096 V)
Signal Inputs: O2 electrode (SMB); pH/ISE (BNC); Aux (8 pin Mini Din)
Resolution: O2 (0.0003% – 24 bit); pH (0.0006 – 16 bit); Aux (62.5 μV/bit – 16 bit)
Sampling Rate: 0.1 to 10 readings


The system is PC operated (not included) via USB 2.0 & requires a circulating water bath for temperature control (we recommend the Julabo ED-5)


Hansatech Oxygraph Plus System with Julabo ED-5 Circulating Water Bath

PC displays results real-time (0 to 4.5v analogue output of oxygen electrode signal)

Julabo ED-5 Circulating Water Bath
Filling Volume: 4.5 L
Temp Range: +20° to +100°C
Flow Rate: 15 L/minute
Temp Stability: ±0.03°C

For further information on the Hansatech Oxygraph-Plus systemJulabo ED-5 Circulating Water Bath simply contact John Morris Environmental

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