High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge for Blood Banks

Sigma 8-K centrifuge

Sigma’s high capacity, refrigerated centrifuge, the 8K contains a solid construction and is suitable for continuous use. With a capacity of up to 6 L in a fixed-angle rotor, and 12 x 1 L, 6 x 1.5 L or 12 blood bags in a swing-out rotor, this universal centrifuge is ideal for blood banks, clinical laboratories and high volume sedimentation applications.

The 8K has a speed range of 100-10, 500rpm and generates high g-forces: in the 5 x 500ml fixed-angle rotor, a maximum of  20, 460 x g, or in swing-out rotor 6 x 1000ml a maximum of 8,578 x g.

The 8K has a powerful refrigeration function with an adjustable temperature range of -20oC to +40oC and standstill cooling with environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a. The rotor drive is maintenance-free and has a high imbalance tolerance of up to approx 80g. Automatic rotor identification prevents spinning rotors from over speeding.

A special armoured chamber surrounding the rotor chamber, reinforced lid and lock system guarantees safe operation.

The 8K also features a user friendly control unit which can store up to 60 programs in memory all with run parameters. It incorporates an electronic imbalance monitoring system, a plain text display of information and error messages, as well as run time and cycles count for the rotors used.


For further information on the Sigma 8K centrifuge please call customer service on 1800 251 799 or email

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