Ultra High Temperature Accelerometers in Aerospace Propulsion

Extreme Sensors for Extreme Temperatures

PCB Piezotronics Aerospace High Temperature Accelerometers_from John Morris Industrial

Gas Turbine Engine Research and Monitoring

UHT-12TM is a new crystal designed for more accurate, lower noise measurements during large temperature variations.  The main technical advantages include:

  • Absence of pyroelectric noise spikes up to 1200 F (650 C) 
  • Sensitivity that remains more consistent over a wide temperature change
  • Shear mode crystals isolated from base strain and transverse measurement errors

DownloadWhitePaper PCB Aerospace High Temperature Accelerometers_John Morris IndustrialThe UHT-12™ family consists of accelerometer Models 320C52, 357D90, 357D91, 357D92, 357D93, EX611A00, EX600B13, 339A30, 339A31, 339A32 and has been adapted to pressure sensor Series 115 and 176.

Whitepaper: Design & Selection of High Temperature Accelerometers for Aerospace Propulsion




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