Intelligent Chemistry Vacuum PC 3001 VARIO

Vacuubrand VARIO chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 VARIO pro

The new Vacuubrand automatic chemistry vacuum pumping system PC 3001 VARIO offers latest chemistry diaphragm pump technology combined with a unique fully automated vacuum control system. Applications include rotary evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, general distillations and even filtration.

PC 3001 VARIO is an oil free, corrosion resistant pumping system with “high” vacuum. The outstanding ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar allows use with high boiling point solvents like DMSO or DMF at temperatures as low as room temperature.

The vacuum controller’s unique software automatically detects the required process vacuum and tracks changes in the system. Common problems in distillations like bumping of solvents are prevented which lets you concentrate on real research work rather than babysitting your vacuum application.

Vacubrand’s unique encapsulated cylinder head design with stability cores prevents 3 dimensional plastic creeping – outwards, inwards and downwards – which is a common reason for performance loss in other brands. Together with the non-contact flat sandwich diaphragm design this provides long term performance stability and reliability, but most importantly, it provides no stress on the motor. The result is low noise, low temperature and ultimately a much longer life expectancy. Vacuubrand wear part lifetime is up to 20,000h. A further advantage of the non-contact flat sandwich technology is higher performance under vacuum leading to shorter process times.

PC 3001 VARIO comes complete with solvent recovery options including water or dry ice condensers.

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