Ismatec Preassembled Pumps Save Pharmaceutical Processing Time

Ismatec Ecoline minicartridge pump, 8 Ch, 6 rollers, 78022_40

Whether it’s research or pharmaceutical dosing, it helps to save time in your process. The peristaltic pump drives and heads of Ismatec® Ecoline pumps are preassembled for easy setup and operation. This means both the setup and operation are easier.Ismatec® Ecoline pump

The single-channel Ecoline pumps operate with convex rollers which are gentle on fluid—great for fluids containing live cells. They also keep the tubing centered which extends tubing life. Of course, with peristaltic pumps the media is confined to the tubing, providing a contamination-free environment for fluid.

How else can you save time with these pumps? You can control start, stop, and reverse flow via a single switch. The angled speed control displays are easily accessible. The pumps are compact enough to save space yet provide the output you need—stack multiple drives to handle multiple lines.

Not sure if these Ismatec® Ecoline pumps will meet your needs? Ask our technical support experts. We can help you determine your best options.

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