Lab Alarms: Monitoring your Processes and Safety

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Use audible or visual alarms in labs, plants, and offices to monitor your instruments. These alarms can assess conductivity, pH, level control, pressure, temperature, and various assembly line processes. When reaching or exceeding high or low limits, the alarm alerts you to the issue.

Federal Signal Low Profile Strobe Light

LED indicator lights communicate the ongoing status of parameters or processes. They deliver a visual signal when a measured condition is out of a programmed range—so you know to correct the problem. LED indicator lights commonly change color or illuminate with strobe lighting.

Audible alarms warn users with buzzers or other attention-capturing sounds. These may be especially useful outdoors where sunlight can compromise the use of visual alarms. Of course, they are most effective in environments with low noise levels.

Combination audible/visual alarms are also an option. With both a strobe or indicator light and a sound alert, they ensure the malfunction is not missed.

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