Laser Alignment, handle within or outsource?

Miniature Laser Alignment Kits Cole_Parmer 41935-22 from John Morris Scientific

Should your laser alignment be done within your own laboratory with laser products or contracted out? We could make a case  for either option however for most applications, in-house laser alignment equipment will be prove most useful.
Miniature Laser Alignment Kits

Miniature Laser Alignment Kits

Laser alignment products are available to provide an easy and inexpensive method for keeping your laboratory tools accurate and results useful.

Select from lasers that operate at 650nm wavelength, provide between 1mW and 5mW of energy, and are classified as either class II or class III devices. Related instruments have built in inclinometers for precisely measuring angles.

When weighing external or internal alignment alternatives, our recommendation is to base your decision on costs, convenience, and the  levels of staff confidence.


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