Masterflex B/T Pumps. Reliable peristaltic pumps with high flow rates

Masterflex B T Fixed Speed Wash-Down Pump, 271 rpm, 77111_37

When an application requires high flow rates and rugged reliability, Masterflex B/T tubing pumps are your must-have choice. These peristaltic pumps transfer viscous or shear-sensitive materials with powerful motors. These also offer:

Masterflex B/T Tubing Pump John Morris Scientific

Masterflex B/T Pump

  • Simple tube loading and improved occlusion of tubing when closed with Rapid-Load® occlusion mechanism. This mechanism easily slides the tubing occlusion bed out of the way for smooth loading.
  • Quiet, more rugged operation with cast-aluminium housing plus, epoxy-powder coating resists chemical corrosion.
  • Better tubing performance in higher-pressure applications for tubing sizes B/T 87 and B/T 91
  • An easy-to-open cover swinging away to allow for CIP or SIP protocols
  • Enhanced tubing use with PerfectPosition™ tubing retention marks indicating exact length of required tubing
  • Safety features such as the interlock which shuts the pump down whenever the head is opened

From variable-speed and air-powered models to fixed-speed pumps, B/T pumps can transfer bulk media, dispense corrosive fluid, pump glue and much more.

Advantages for B/T pumps

  • The only part of a tubing pump that comes in contact with the liquid is the tubing. This maintains the sterility of fluid and the pump
  • Cole-Parmer offers over 20 tubing formulations and sizes for their tubing pumps for excellent compatibility with a variety of liquids
  • Self priming – our tubing pump will draw fluid into the tubing when starting dry, up to 8.8 m suction lift. Other pumps require user to fill pump and suction line with fluid before use which can be inconvenient and also create potential for hazardous spills or contamination
  • Gentle pumping action – low shear – makes a tubing pump ideal for handling cells and large proteins, as the pumping action will not damage the content
  • The fluid does not contact the tubing pump so there are no parts to clean such as valves, diaphragms, seals etc. All you have to do is clean or replace the tubing. This easy tubing replacement means reduced maintenance times
  • A tubing pump is non-siphoning which means that they prevent back flow into the system. This promotes accuracy during dispensing

NEW TUBING –  Solveflex tubing is now available offering the highest resistance to strong acids such as THF.

See our selection of Masterflex B/T pumps. For help in determining if our B/T pumps suit your application, contact our technical experts.

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