NEW Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps – Perfect for Filtration

Vacuubrand Chemistry diaphragm pump ME 2C NT

John Morris Scientific are proud to announce the release of Vacuubrand’s new ME 2 NT and ME 2C NT diaphragm vacuum pumps.

These single-stage diaphragm pumps are ideal for continuous, oil-free pumping of gases where only moderate vacuum levels are required. Features include:

– Ultimate vacuum 70 mbar,

– Pumping speed 2.1 m³/h,

– Whisper quiet and low vibration,

– High chemical resistance with the ME 2C NT version, and

– Low purchase price with industry leading cost of ownership.

Typical applications include: vacuum ovens, filtration and multi-port manifolds for medium throughput, as well as pumping of gases and oil-free evacuation in general.

Find out more about the Vacuubrand ME 2 NT and ME 2C NT from our specialist team today
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