*NEW* Micro Carbon Residue Tester 97400-3 Stanhope-Seta

Micro Carbon Residue Tester 97400-3 Stanhope_Seta from John Morris Scientific

Micro Carbon Residue

Micro Carbon residue tests are designed to provide an indication of the coke forming tendencies of oils and fuels under certain conditions. The relevant test method is ASTM D4530 – Determination of Carbon Residue (Micro Method) and is applicable to petroleum products that partially decompose on distillation at atmospheric pressure. Typical petroleum products covered include Lubricating Oils, Base Oils, Fuel and Gas Oils as well as crude oil. The test is a useful guide used in manufacture of lubricants. ASTM D4530 is called up in a number of key product specifications and in the caseof BioDiesels it is the referee test.

Micro Carbon Residue Tester 97400-3

Methods: ASTM D4530-IP 398, BS 2000 Part 398, ISO 10370

An automatic airtight furnace that is pre-programmed to run tests to determine Micro (Conradson) Carbon residue of petroleum products.

Micro Carbon Residue Tester 97400-3 Stanhope_Seta from John Morris Scientific

Micro Carbon Residue Tester 97400-3

The Seta Micro Carbon residue tester is an automatic instrument designed to run tests to determine the carbon reside formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum products as per ASTM and IP test methods. The instrument comprises of an oven and insulating lid with curved top plug as defined in ASTM D4530 and IP 398. Nitrogen gas purging and temperature RAMP sequences are fully automatic and no operator intervention is required when running the test. A digital mass flow meter and high precision temperature control system ensure compliance to the methods.

The digitally controlled furnace has a temperature range of ambient to 500°C. Temperature, flow and pressure values are automatically controlled and values are displayed on the control panel. The test cycle includes an audible ‘end of test’ alarm. A 6 place holder for 16ml sample tubes and a 12 place holder for 2ml or 4ml sample tubes are supplied with the instrument (for sample tubes see Accessories).


  • Carbon residue range 0.1% to 30.0% (m/m)
  • 12 sample capacity
  • Automatic temperature ramp and gas control
  • Digital display flowmeter
  • Equivalent to ASTM D189; IP 13
  • Temperature range ambient to 500°C


ASTM D4530-IP 398 Standard test method for determination of carbon residue (micro method)
BS 2000 Part 398 Petroleum products – Determination of carbon residue – Micro method
ISO 10370 Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products

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