Power up with Masterflex Tubing Pumps I/P Series

MasterFlex I P series precision brushless drive

Offering protection from hazardous industrial materials, the Masterflex® I/P® Series of peristaltic pumps may be your  best option. With powerful motors, these pumps transfer fluids in process, manufacturing, and industrial applications. Here’s an overview of a few key applications:

Used as an Ultrafiltration Pump: Precision Brushless Drive

  • Transfer fluid through a filtration system at flow rates up to 13 LPM
  • Maintain purity of raw materials/chemical solutions and sanitary integrity applications
  • Will allow for end product separations/harvesting
  • Used in the QC/QA analysis labs for buffer and nutrient media filtration

Used as a Dye/Pigment Pump: Precision Brushless Drive with Remote

  • Brushless drive motor is maintenance free and continuous duty
  • Epoxy powder coat paint resists corrosion and IP55 rating holds up to harsh environments
  • Display of percent speed allows for repeatable rpm and flow settings
  • Control drive speed remotely; pump running signal lets you monitor performance
  • Powerful drive accepts two pump heads with any I/P tubing formulation

Used as a Chemical Sampling Pump: Digital Modular Washdown Drive with Remote

  • Program fluid volumes for repeat sampling operations
  • Controller is wall mountable for convenient location at sampling station
  • Controller display shows operating parameters and run status between batches or drums
  • Pump is self-priming and reversible; easy to prime or purge tubing

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