3 ways bearing monitoring got simpler, IMI Sensors

A vibration sensor & transmitter - all in one

Prevent bearing Problems IMI Sensors from John Morris Scientific

Why monitor vibration on bearings? VIDEO

3 ways bearing monitoring got simpler

  1. Early detection when faults develop
  2. Avoids costly unscheduled downtime
  3. Ensures machinery health & operational efficiency

IMI Sensors offers USB Programmable loop powered device with 4-20mA output contained in a typical vibration sensor housing ideal for fault detection in rolling element bearings.  It’s a simpler, faster, and more reliable monitoring solution.

3 ways bearing fault detection technology easily eliminates costly and unscheduled downtime

  1. Sensor & Transmitter in One: Combination Sensor PLUS Transmitter: detects, alarms, and prevents developing bearing faults faster and easier
  2. Integrates with your PLC: Operates with PLC, DCS, SCADA, alarm and control systems so there is no interruption to your existing condition monitoring process
  3. USB Programmable: Outputs 4-20 mA signals for peak acceleration and overall vibration to ensure operational efficiency

Looking for an overall vibration measurement on your most critical machinery? Our line of 4-20 mA vibration transmitters will interface directly to your PLC, DCS or SCADA control system. Scaled in inches per second velocity or g’s acceleration, these sensors provide 24/7online protection for key plant machines, reducing downtime. Finally our impact detection products offer the ultimate machine protection. IMI’s Bearing Fault Detector provides early warning of impending bearing failure from cracks and spalls developing in the bearing race. The Reciprocating Machinery Protector is an impact detector and overall vibration monitor in one 4-20 mA signal.

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