Syrris Orb reactor system launched at ACS 2015

Syrris ORB reactor system from John Morris Scientific

Syrris is proud to announce Orb.  A brand new bench-top reactor system for batch chemistry

Launched officially mid August 2015 at the American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition (ACS) in Boston.

Orb is a robust, durable, no tools system, easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of vessel sizes from 100ml to 10L. These vessels can be changed quickly and a selection of accessories and upgrades are available for enhanced user experience and automation.Syrris ORB reactor system from John Morris Scientific

Orb benefits the following applications such as:

  1. synthesis of APIs
  2. fine chemicals and nanoparticles
  3. process development, process optimisation
  4. design of experiment, crystallisation and
  5. pilot plant scale manufacturing
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