What is Pulsed Filtered Cathodic Arc Deposition?

Kurt J. Lesker PRO Line PVD 75

Cathodic Arc Deposition is a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technique that utilises a controlled, hard electric arc to vaporise the deposition material from a target. Because of its fairly simple deployment, high ionisation rates, and usefulness for a variety of material types (including metals and ceramics) the technique has been traditionally used in hard coating and diamond like carbon applications.Cathodic Arc Deposition John Morris Vacuum

In contrast to typical arc sources, the filtered arc source allows separation of macroparticles from the plasma. Cathodic arc sputtering condenses ions, which offers advantages over standard magnetron sputtering for some applications due to the generation of a plasma of sputtered material rather than neutrals created in standard sputtering. This technique is useful for sputtering graphite into diamond-like carbon with a greater level of film property control than is possible with traditional cathodic arc deposition, and has also been used with silver dopant for creating antibacterial properties. Substrate biasing allows control of the arriving atoms’ energy and tuning of the film’s compressive stress. This technique also operates at lower pressures than traditional sputtering.

 Pulsed Filtered Cathodic Arc Deposition Systems:

  • Kurt J Lesker System tools utilizing the innovative Pulsed Filtered Cathodic Arc Source technology.
  • Highly efficient for hard coatings and diamond like carbon coatings.
  • Arc systems allow a high level of film property control, such as tuning the films compressive stress.
  • Arc systems operate at a lower pressure than traditional sputtering tools.
  • These system utilise the standard PVD 75, PVD 200 and PVD 500 platform chambers and components.

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