Quieter Rides with Model 831 Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis quiter rides sounds level meter model 831 from John Morris Industrial

MORE than Just a Sound Level Meter

Ideal for Automotive & Vehicle NVH Development

  • FFT Analysis
  • Tonality & Masking Noise Measurements
  • Sound Recording (.wav)
  • Time History Data Recording
  • Acoustic Mapping
  • Quality Control – Pass/Fail Functionality
  • Advanced Analysis with DNA Software

Portable Acoustic Measurement & Analysis

The Larson Davis Model 831 Sound Level Meter provides portable, single channel acoustic test and analysis capability. When combined with the Larson Davis SLM Utility G4 or DNA software, you have very simple tool for automotive NVH evaluation and development.

Test engineers can use the Model 831 to:

  • Field test and compare vehicle sounds based upon 1/3 octave bands or FFT results
  • Record .wav files for later analysis and replay
  • Measure interior masking noise of a vehicle
  • Identify tonal noises of a vehicle
  • Evaluate a new noise signature against an established baseline or NVH Target
  • Build a quick sound map of a panel or subsystem
  • Document interior reverberation times from various sound package
  • Generate quick and easy reports from test track data

Production or End-of-Line Acoustic Testing

The Model 831 provides a simple, low cost real-time DSP and acoustic analysis tool for qualifying and inspecting a wide range of products and sub-assemblies. The Model 831 can be easily mounted on the line with an extension cable to locate the microphone as needed or inside special test chambers.

This simple instrumentation and analysis approach provides a method to:

  • Measure noise and send logic out for pass/fail assessments
  • Download data for archival and for future traceability
  • Identify alignment errors, missing components, cracks, defects, and other anomalies
  • Obtain immediate diagnostic feedback regarding specific component failure using FFT or Octave band analysis
  • Eliminate warranty costs with the ability to root cause concerns identified
  • Record .wav sound files to help correlate product acceptance metrics to subjective customer perceptions
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