SAMCO RIE-400iPB Deep Silicon Etching System

SAMCO RIE-400iPB R&D Deep Silicon Etching System BOSCH Process

The SAMCO RIE-400iPB is an inductively coupled plasma RIE system that uses high-density plasma to perform high speed silicon etching required in the fabrication of MEMS and electronic devices. The system, capable of etching up to 4” wafers, was designed to provide all the high-performance features of the larger RIE-800iPB in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, affordable package from John Morris Scientific.SAMCO RIE-400iPB deep etching

The SAMCO RIE-400iPB also offers the ability to perform precise, highly controllable SiO2 etching with minimum changeover time. By allowing users to process both SiO2 and Si the system provides maximum value and return on investment.


  • Fabrication of MEMS devices (acceleration sensors, gyro sensors, actuators, etc)
  • Inkjet printer head
  • Through Silicon Via (TSV) for 3D packaging
  • Manufacturing of medical devices (μTAS, etc)


  • High Speed, Highly Selective, Deep Si Etching is made possible using a unique plasma source and chamber specifically designed for the “Bosch Process”.SAMCO RIE-400iPB deep etching
  • Designed for R&D – easy to use, easy to maintain, high cost-performance package
  • SiO2 Etching Kit is available as an option
  • Low Scalloping through high speed gas switching
  • Thorough Wafer etching (depth: 600μm)
  • SOI (silicon on insulator) notch prevention technology

About SAMCO Inc.

SAMCO is a pioneering etching, deposition and surface treatment instrument manufacturer primarily for the semiconductor research and production markets supplied to Australia and New Zealand by John Morris Scientific. The SAMCO name was derived from the phrase “Semiconductor And Materials COmpany”. Major products include:

  • Thin Film Deposition – LS-CVD, PECVD, MOCVD, Diamond Like Carbon
  • Etching – RIE, ICP-RIE, DRIE (including BOSCH process)
  • Cleaning/Surface Treatment – Plasma Cleaning, UV-Ozone
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