Sanitary Pressure Instruments in Pharmaceutical Processing

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Applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, and chemical research require sanitary pressure instruments in their processes. These pressure gauges, transducers, in-line seals, and switches must meet 3A, CIP, SIP, and Ra finish requirements. They must be especially tough to handle high temperatures and aggressive cleaning agents.

WIKA® Sanitary Pressure Gauge

According to WIKA, “Common Clean-in-Place (CIP) processes use cleaning solutions that are alkali or acid based (such as NaOH, H2O2) at an elevated temperature (up to 79°C) and pressure of up to 60psig. [This as well as] compatibility with these aggressive environments are some of the enormous challenges for sensitive pressure measuring instruments.”

Effective CIP processes expose the wetted materials of the sanitary pressure gauge to repeated wash, rinse, and drain cycles. This requires materials that can withstand the demands of this environment while remaining robust and accurate.

Many options are available to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure safe, clean pressure measurement. Yet, keep in mind the pressure measuring gauge and other instrumentation must still measure accurately and reliably. When choosing these instruments for your process, make sure they are manufactured for CIP applications and also offer the construction to hold up to rigorous demands.

From high-viscosity media to hot water, check out our sanitary pressure instruments to meet your pharmaceutical and biotechnology application needs.

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