Sensors for Monitoring Oil and Gas Wells & Pipelines

IMI Sensors for Natural Gas Supply & Petrochemical Industry

Sensors to monitor motors, pumps, compressors, and well heads in natural gas supply and petrochemical industry

Sensors that offer hazardous area approvals are widely used on gas and oil well heads, supply lines, natural gas power engines, multi-stage gas compressors and other machinery operating in hazardous environments. Piezoelectric pressure sensors offer the capability to detect and monitor dynamic pressure spikes, pulsations and surges in gaseous or liquid media. Engine pressure sensors offer walk-around or permanent monitoring capability, allowing engine balancing and emissions control. Vibration monitoring has proven effective for determining machinery health, planning maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and avoiding catastrophic loss.

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For ease of comparison, we have pre-selected our most popular sensors for this application:


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IMI industrial sensors are used to spot imbalance, bearing faults and misalignment by measuring machine vibration, providing early fault diagnosis thus reducing downtime. IMI’s vast product line interfaces directly with data acquisition equipment including online systems and handheld data collectors.

John Morris Industrial offers a full line of piezoelectric accelerometers, velocity sensors, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, switches, relays, cables, displays and accessories. Virtually all IMI products are certified for use in hazardous areas through CSA and ATEX in the USA.

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