Sigma 4-5L high volume clinical centrifuge

Sigma 4-5L – High Capacity meets Power and Silence

Sigma 4-5L centrifige FTR

John Morris Scientific is proud to present the Sigma 4-5L centrifuge.  The Sigma 4-5L Centrifige has been specifically designed for high-throughput centrifugation making this perfect for both clinical and  applications and those requiring a high tech centrifuge that can perform to the demands of busy routine environments such as haematology and biochemistry laboratories.

Sigma 4-5L Centrifuge Sigma 4-5L centrifige FTR

This motor with high torque for fast acceleration works exceedingly well alongside the optimised swing-out rotor providing efficient cooling and very low noise.  The Sigma 4-5L centrifuge has a maximum capacity of 4 x 650ml, accommodating large numbers of blood tubes including vacutainers and monovettes, all within a sealed bio-safe bucket.  The very latest Sigma one-touch controller makes operation of the centrifuge clear and effortlessly simple, with all parameters displayed on a large LCD screen.  The Sigma 4-5L combines unusually high performance with quiet operation. Automatic lid opening and one-button control make things even easier for users, and the stainless steel rotor chamber is especially easy to clean.

John Morris Scientific believes that the Sigma 4-5L centrifuge can help busy laboratories increase their efficiency by making the centrifugation processes simpler and quicker.

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