Sigma High Speed Micro-Centrifuge

Sigma High Speed Micro-Centrifuge

The Sigma 1-14 high-speed desktop centrifuge is suitable for sedimentation of micro-tube volumes between 0.2 ml and 2.2 ml.

Although the 1-14 is the smallest in its class, it has the largest capacity with 24 microtubes 1.5/2.2 ml and has a maximum speed of 14.8000 rpm corresponding 16.163 × g. Its forced air cooling system ensures that sample temperature increase is less than 10oC and enables its use where other brands would require a refrigerated centrifuge. Its applications include microbiological, molecularbiological and medical research, as well as PCR/DNA analysis.

Sigma offers six different rotors with 12, 18 and 24 microtubes capacity. Rotors are made from either polypropylene or aluminium and are delivered with a transparent lid.

The 1-14 is the only centrifuge in its class to offer additional acceleration curves (soft-start), deceleration (soft-stop) curves and a short-run mode. Soft-start enables gentle acceleration and protects sensitive samples. Soft-stop significantly reduces remixing of sediments when stopping the centrifuge.

The Sigma 1-14 features an extremely large display with clear indication of parameters such as speed, relative centrifugal force and running time.

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