Sterile Graduated Sample Containers, why we use them

Graduated Sample Containers, PP, Sterile, 4 oz 06049-40

Almost all laboratories need a good supply of sample containers. Which ones should choose? From bottles to beakers to vials, a variety of labware is available. Yet not all will meet your specific needs.

Graduated polypropylene (PP) containersChemicals can affect the weight, strength, colour, dimensions, flexibility, and surface appearance of your labware. They can soften and swell plastic and cause the permeation of solvent through the plastic. Temperature, pressure, internal or external stresses (such as centrifugation), can also impact chemical resistance.

Make sure the containers you use are chemically compatible with the chemicals you are placing in them.

Graduated polypropylene (PP) containers tolerate strong acids, alkalies, and most organic solvents. In addition to offering chemical resistance, these containers are:

  1. Translucent
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Available in sterile or nonsterile versions

These containers come with identification labels and colour-coded HDPE caps with full-turn screw thread to provide a leakproof seal. The sterile containers are individually bagged.

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