Syrris Atlas Hot and Cold Plate

Accurately controls and logs temperatures from -40°C to +160°C

Syrris Altas Hot and Cold Plate from John Morris Scientific

John Morris Scientific and Syrris present the Atlas Hot and Cold Plate, from the Atlas family of modular synthesis products. Fully compatible with a range of accessories, including the Atlas Stacking Dry Bath, Vial Baths and the Orbit Parallel Reaction Station, the Hot and Cold Plate provides an easy and accurate way of heating and cooling reactions in flasks or vials.

With an embedded resistance temperature detector (RTD) allowing feedback of plate temperature, the Hot and Cold Plate can be controlled from the Atlas Base. Syrris Altas Hot and Cold Plate from John Morris ScientificBy connecting to a re-circulating heater/cooler, the plate is able to provide control of a temperature range from -40°C to +160°C and the temperature can be fully logged and downloaded to a USB memory stick for offline analysis. Leak free connection is made possible with the Atlas Quick Circulator Connectors, enabling “tool-less” connection for ease-of-use. Furthermore, a built-in drip tray collects condensation and melting ice while the chemically resistant aluminum plate provides a “wipe clean” surface. For high-quality magnetic stirring, the Atlas Magnetic Stirrer module screws directly into the Hot and Cold Plate for easy integration.

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