Tablet Dissolution testing and HPLC analysis come together

Gilson ADDS

John Morris Scientific are proud to introduce Gilson’s new Automated Double Dissolution System (ADDS).  This innovative system has been specifically designed to address the growing need for increased dissolution testing by HPLC and will control the sampling and HPLC analysis of active drug components in dissolution media.

The dissolution media is circulated in a closed loop system by a Minipuls peristaltic pump and samples are taken at the specified time intervals through the use of flow-through HPLC vials. Samples are collected and either injected on to the attached HPLC or transferred to capped HPLC vials for analysis at a later date.

The ADDS features five pre-programed modes which can be run individually or together for unmatched flexibility. Sample lists can be imported from other software data packages or created by the user. Standards and samples can be run together in bracketed sample lists.

The system is designed on a tried and tested liquid handling platform and comes complete, with a liquid handler, software, racks and sample pumps.

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