Alcor DTOT for Diesel Thermal Oxidation Testing

Alcor by PAC have released the new DTOT, Diesel Thermal Oxidation Tester supplied by John Morris Scientific. This is an integrated bench-top instrument provides all that’s required to study the thermal oxidation of diesel or biodiesel in more


Audi’s e-Diesel fuel made from water & CO2

Audi has taken another big step in the development of new, CO2 neutral fuels: A pilot plant in Dresden has started production of the synthetic fuel Audi e diesel. After a commissioning phase of just four months, the research facility in Dresden more


What is FAME? (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester)

FAME is a product manufactured through the trans-esterification of vegetable oils and animal fats with methanol which is blended with diesel to produce biodiesel. When FAME is added to conventional diesel to make ‘BX’ blends, the ‘X’ stands more