Transferring corrosive fluids? Use Masterflex Solve-Flex pump tubing

Masterflex® Solve-Flex Pump Tubing just made transferring corrosive fluids much easier. The new fluoropolymer-lined peristaltic pump tubing is designed to handle solvents and other harsh chemicals. It reduces the number of tubing types needed in stock—simply use this formulation for nearly all chemicals.

Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing can be used for organic solvent lines, ink and solvent production, diagnostic testing, specialty Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing_from John Morris Scientificchemical processing, and ink and toner feed lines. It also transfers essential oils in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry. This flexible tubing solves the challenge of hard-to-match peristaltic pump applications.

The fluoropolymer-based liner is plasticiser-free, hydrophobic, and resists the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids. It also offers low spallation and assured purity of fluid. A flexible outer jacket extends the pumping life of the tubing.

Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing from John Morris Scientific

Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing meets USP Class VI requirements. Find out more.

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