Use Safety Shields & Protect Yourself before You Wreck Yourself

Adjustable Plexiglas Splash Shield C-Clamp/Bracket

Protect yourself from splashes and flying debris with splash shields and safety shields if you’re working in a lab with biohazards and dangerous chemicals. Some of our shields can even protect from beta radiation.

Cole-Parmer® Benchtop Splash-Guard

Because shields are constructed in clear materials such as Perspex®, Plexiglas® acrylic and polycarbonates, they don’t obscure vision or prevent you from accessing the bench. Most shields adjust to provide the flexibility you need for a variety of projects.

Shield options include free standing, magnetically clamped and adjustable neck clamp versions. For greater stability, look for weighted shields with a solid base to hold that shield in place.

Twin bracket clamp models provide the strength and stability to hold larger and heavier shields without compromising mobiltiy.

When picking a shield, make sure that it’s designed to protect you from the type of hazard you will encounter, such as biohazards and beta radiation.

See our full selection of safety shields.

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